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How to design a book cover: video tutorials

Here are some suggestions of video tutorials I’ve come across that can help your book cover come together.

Unruly Guides is a fantastic resource for self publishers who want to DIY.

This video is a basic Photoshop tutorial for designing a book cover:


Design Like A Pro have a good InDesign tutorial about laying out a template. InDesign is what’s used by professionals when putting together a book cover, however it can be tricky to get a handle on if you’re used to the way Photoshop works. Still it’s worth giving it a try. I’m dedicated to InDesign!


The number of quality video design tutorials out there is a lot less than I expected but this is a start. Do you have any video tutorials you can add?

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Scarlett Rugers is an award winning book cover designer from Melbourne, Australia. She loves design and literature, and is a huge fan of film and food. She can be found at her website She's also over at Google+ and Twitter, so feel free to come by and chat with her!

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  1. Just to add to your list, I made a series of tutorials about how to make an ebook cover using GIMP:

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