Resource: List of stock image websites: Photo, vector and footage. Free and paid.

I decided to organize my stock website collection! It was a long time coming. It’s a bit rough but at least it’s up for now.

List of over 100 stock image websites

The stock image list covers:

  • Free
  • Paid
  • High Resolution
  • Low Resolution
  • Photos
  • Vectors
  • Illustrations
  • Footage

Each stock website listed has:

  • The URL
  • Selection available (photo, vector, footage, niche)
  • Keywords (so you can ctl + F for easy search)
  • Price
  • Website size
  • My own ranking out of 5 stars

How my ranking is applied:

  • How easy it is to access the sock
  • How easy it is to browse the stock
  • How easy it is to find the price of stock
  • The quality of the stock on the website
  • The quality of the website design (making it easy to browse vs making it near impossible)
  • My own personal experience using the website

What “Unknown” means under price:

Unknown usually means you have to contact the photographer/site admin to request a quote, instead of dealing with credits or points. Sometimes it means I simply couldn’t find out how to access the prices!

What to do with free images:

ALWAYS check the licence and rights, and necessary actions to take in order to use the stock (like a link back to the photographer/website). Just because they’re free doesn’t mean you can use them willy nilly. They will have their own rules and rights. If you want more information you can read up on my article about who owns the copyright and when.

Don’t know what sort of image to go for?

The article: What images do I put on my book cover? can guide you.


Please feel free to link this resource to others who you think will find it valuable. 


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