Anna Scott Falcon: Below the Equator


Scarlett was responsive, timely, dedicated to getting the “right” cover for me and my book. She actually took the time to look the book over and read. Options were clearly communicated. She didn’t hurry me. She offered her professional opinion when asked. All communications were very professional but friendly.  Plus, she’s just really cool!

-Anna Scott Falcon


About the book:

On the eve of Robin’s 30th birthday, her life spins out of control: Her sister is suicidal, her husband may be cheating, and a promotion doesn’t go as planned. Robin is desperate for a break, and the chance to pull herself—and her life—back together.
Robin decides a vacation—an exotic trip for women in the Amazonian rainforest—is just what she needs. But before the group has even settled in at their primitive base camp, it’s clear that nothing will go as planned. In the suffocating wet-heat of the tropics, Robin struggles to reconsider her life as jungle encounters push her toward chaos.
Just who, and what, is Robin attracted to? Is anything what it seems? And what should she really be fearful of in this strangely beautiful, disturbingly violent wilderness where everything is hunting something, and everything is prey?

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