Rachel Schurig: Three Girls and a Baby

Book Cover Design Chick Lit Holiday Fiction Rachel Schurig Three Girls Series



I had two previous covers made for this book. The artist created just what I had asked for, but I was searching to take my books to the next level—and you achieved that beyond my expectations! I am of the opinion that my cover increased my sales tremendously. I have recently had some success with a free promotion and I feel confident that the new covers played a very big part in that! It looks very professional! The opinion I keep getting from friends and readers is that they can imagine these covers in a bookstore. You are very professional, quick to communicate, upfront, and willing to tweak and make changes. Most importantly, you are very talented and you create gorgeous covers.

– Rachel Schurig, author of Three Girls and a BabyThree Girls and a WeddingThree Girls and a Leading Man

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