4 things that will make you a great client for your designer/artist

What will make you a great client

What will make you a great clientYou might be looking to hire a designer but don’t really know how to make sure things are smooth sailing. So what is it you can do to make sure you’re a great client?

1. Be responsive

Get back to your designer in 24-48 hours. To ensure your project gets finished as quickly as possible it’s important for you to get back to your designer as soon as you can. I’d say within a 1-2 day period is normal. It’s beneficial for them to hear back from you quickly so that their work is fresh in their mind, and beneficial for you to keep the ball rolling smoothly and without hiccups.


2. Be respectful

You don’t have to agree with the work, but I encourage you to acknowledge the amount of work that goes in to graphic design. Designers work hard at their job. It’s creative and logical energy that requires analysis and assessment. They’re doing their best to interpret other people’s ideas and I get it that sometimes it isn’t successful and you aren’t on the same wavelength. It doesn’t mean they’re going out of their way to make it difficult for you but it takes a mixture of skill, flexibility, and and good energy to connect with all your clients.


3. Be flexible

If there’s a slow down, have faith your designer will return to your project. It is likely the designer you’re talking with is a freelancer, working on their own as opposed to a company. This means when your designer gets sick, or has an emergency, they can’t forward your project on to someone else so easily. If there’s a delay – get in touch with your designer. They may have other obligations and projects that suddenly need immediate attention.

It is unprofessional for any service provider not to be in touch with you if there’s a delay but I’m just saying if there is, and they let you know, give them a bit of space. It can make all the difference down the track when they return to your project and feel positive and calm as opposed to pressured and stressed out.


4. Be open minded

Designers are humans, not mind readers. The only way you’re going to get the best result – the result you want- is by communication. If they show you what they’ve produced and you’re going  ‘how the hell did they arrive at that point?’, take a deep breath and provide them some constructive feedback. You can still have a successful outcome if you’re at different starting points – it’s up to both of you to get to that point with mental calm and open mindedness.


Here’s a little video that represents the experiences that artists, designers, copywriters and all professional artists go through. And it’s not just occasionally but all the time. Here’s how it would be out in the real world!

What are things you think make a great client? what about a bad client? What are some things that make your graphic designer a good designer to work with?



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  1. We were talking today in our business networking meeting about – how do you know if a client likes you or not? If they don’t like you, are they going to tell you? How do you ask them? Would they be honest if you ask them?

    This post is good as it addresses that issue before someone becomes your client.

    And I think this advice applies to me as a copy writer as well. I might just put this link into my quotes and make my potential customers come here and read it as well.


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