Burnita Bluitt: Quiver of the Pure Heart


Your presentation was slick. I mean that in a good way. Also, the scope of professionalism you had for your business. At first blush, you conveyed everything I wanted to hear from a business person. Then you backed it up.

-Burnita Bluitt


About the book:

Twenty-eight year old Blis Dumas’ peaceful life and sense of security becomes the target of a well-crafted scheme. The setting is 1989 San Francisco, and Blis fears a repeat of the 1950-60s, redevelopment that took place displacing primarily African-American residents from the Western Addition’s Fillmore District, their ”Harlem of the West.” Her world crumbles as she is notified that her own Victorian home, inherited from her grandfather, is in jeopardy of demolition by the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency and she must sell to them…or so she thinks. She uncovers family secrets that reveal her problem is much closer to home.

Blis loves San Francisco, but like any love relationship, it is where her emotions will be tested, where passions will live and die, and where people are not always as they seem. QUIVER OF THE PURE HEART will appeal to readers that appreciate domestic settings to illuminate the universal themes of forgiveness, compassion, and letting go.


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