Positive reviews, testimonials and feedback for Scarlett Rugers Design/The Book Design House.


Scarlett’s portfolio is the proof in the pudding! Many designers I looked at seemed to have “templates” that offered neither aesthetic appeal nor differentiation. Scarlett’s covers stand out from the crowd. This cover will help me sell books. Initial viewers are intrigued, and the imagery/typography are appealing. It just looks “professional”.

-Chaunce Stanton, author of The Blank Slate Boarding House for Creatives


From viewing her portfolio, I determined I was going to work with her months in advance. Outstanding quality! Having my cover professionally designed, I feel confident in my cover and appeal as an author.

– Alex Rogers, author of Drifting

Your website. It’s unmatched. If I ever need a website, I hope you’ll design it for me. My cover is perfect. A better cover could not have been created.

– David Van Horne, author of Absolute Ambition

All books need a cover and Scarlett Rugers Design offered originality, regular and frequent communication at a price I could afford. The end result was excellent and professional and the process made the learning curve easier. I look forward to working together in the future.

-Lynda Wilcox, author of Chamaeleon.


I worked with another designer on a book cover for Edge of Shadows a few years ago but I ended up scraping it because it wasn’t exactly what I wanted in the end. I appreciated your response time and that you provided the initial requirements form so you had everything you needed to get started. I was pleasantly surprised you wanted to read the book in its entirety before starting the design. We went from concept to something tangible to a look that almost completely hit the mark on the first try. The process was very straightforward and I thought the product was top-notch.

-Cege Smith, author of Edge of Shadows


I had a great experience with you. Your request form was a comprehensive idea of what I should keep in mind when thinking of a cover. A couple of the designers I approached were not as professional. You read my mind regarding colour scheme and other details. I would tell my friends to get a book cover designed- as long as it was with you! You’ve made the experience very easy and enjoyable. I’m especially impressed that I was vague in what I wanted but received a cover that exceeded my expectations. I was taken away by the extra efforts you put in being accessible, calling me on the phone, especially with the vast difference in time zones. I also appreciated that you kept me informed every step of the way from conceptualizing the design to the final version. You’ve been a delight to work with from beginning to end. As soon as I publish Dirty Dinar I would like to follow up with other covers, promotional tools, and a website redesign. Thankyou for making this a great experience.

– Fatima Fayez, author of Dirty Dinar


I thought you’d have just the right touch for La Cienega Just Smiled. My other book cover artist is male and he’s great for some titles, but I really thought this needed a female touch. I was right. It’s definitely worth it to get a professional book cover done. There are limits to what you can do yourself with a book cover. A professional can take it to the next level. I like that you actually read the book beforehand so you knew what the cover should encompass. It was a great experien that resulted in a remarkable product. I loved how flexible you were. I would have paid three times as much for such a wonderful cover.

-Leslie DuBois, author of La Cienega Just Smiled and Shadows of St. Louis


I looked at your portfolio, which looked great and showed your skill. I was especially interested once I found out that you’re also an author. I love my book cover!!! It really ties in with the book, fits with my vision of the cover, and is visually striking. And it looks very professional. I especially love the unique cross design that you added. You read my mind! The process was very fast and easy, and I like that you read the book and “got” it. The overall execution blew my socks off—the cover looks like a million bucks! You also kept the costs down by sourcing free or low-cost pictures, which was a bonus. I’ll definitely be contacting you to do the rest of my books, as soon as they’re ready.

-Dana Delamar, author of Revenge


I had two previous covers made for this book. The artist created just what I had asked for, but I was searching to take my books to the next level—and you achieved that beyond my expectations! I am of the opinion that my cover increased my sales tremendously. I have recently had some success with a free promotion and I feel confident that the new covers played a very big part in that! It looks very professional! The opinion I keep getting from friends and readers is that they can imagine these covers in a bookstore. You are very professional, quick to communicate, upfront, and willing to tweak and make changes. Most importantly, you are very talented and you create gorgeous covers.

– Rachel Schurig, author of Three Girls and a Baby, Three Girls and a Wedding, Three Girls and a Leading Man


Scarlett has a professional site, and it was clear from your covers that she had good vision and were not a novice. There was a wide range of covers, which showed us that she listened to feedback from her clients and worked with them. I though especially her questionnaire was great, and it really made sure she and I were on the same page. There are covers out there that look like ‘home-made’ covers. Then there are professional ones. Scarlett’s clearly stand out as professional and unique, closely tied to the book’s subject matter.

-Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi, authors of The Emotion Thesaurus






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