All prices in USD.

We want to support you all the way, from start to end. If you have a collection of books you’re looking to have designed, we’re offering you a 20% discount for 3 or more book packages. Define your author persona and build up your readership. By having a consistent brand across the board your become a ‘sticky author’, readers will recognize you right away. This is for authors who write a specific genre like chick lit or fantasy, or have written a series, or is simply looking for a reccuring image to be recognized by.

Extra time and effort might be needed to finalize your beautiful book cover design. First class photo-manipulation and illustration takes a lot of energy, especially if you have a cover concept that is intensive, like character creation or landscape detail. This upgrade can be organized for you to ensure those finer details are done with care and consideration. This upgrade is mainly for the Elixir package, for authors who want something special and totally original and unique for their cover.

Extra concepts give you that peace of mind, a sense of comfort and confidence, knowing we’ll deliver a number of high quality designs. You might need to see an array of ideas before you decide what you’d like to move forward with, or perhaps you already have many ideas you’d like to pitch to us that we can work through with you. If we reach the limit of concepts available in your package and you’re not yet satisfied (which happens very rarely), extra concepts are available for you at any time. For Candy Store and Chocolate Fondue Packages.

Are you an author who needs the extra rounds to make sure everything is absolutely right? Extra revisions are available for any authors who just need those extra final tweaks to get the best out of their designs. For Candy Store and Chocolate Fondue Packages.

If you ordered an eBook cover with us earlier and have decided you are going to publish in paperback as well as Kindle, you can easily organize your paperback cover with us. This is your front, spine and back cover design which can be used for all majority publishers available including CreateSpace and LightningSource/IngramSpark.

For the full first class experience, to make sure your book is at publishable quality, hire us for the interior layout of your paperback book. Don’t forget that first impressions count, because when readers open up your book your work has to be inviting before they even read the first words. Give your book the best chance for success. Up to 250,000 words for fiction, $6-$8 per page for non-fiction.

Let us take care of your eBook formatting because we know how to format your book cover for all eReaders including Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Sony and all self-publishing services. Your eBook should look identical on all eReaders, and authors trying it themselves often end up with errors due to all of the coding involved. Let the professionals take charge to lay out your best selling novel.

What if your book cover doesn’t perform like you hope it will? What if you have a sudden change in your manuscript that you didn’t expect and need it to reflect in the original design? As a self-published author you’re running a business and offering a product. Making sure that product sells is what your trial and testing period is all about- and we’re behind you 100%. We want to give you the best possible chance at reaching your readers, and for 12 months after the publication of your book we will happily redesign your book cover, for free.

Royalty free images are used everywhere because they’re easy to work into a budget, but what if you want something no one else has? This upgrade means we use exclusive stock images which are rights managed, which means you purchase it and it’s yours, and only yours. Rights managed photography is of a much higher quality as well, which gives us more possibilities of offering you much more beautiful, exceptional designs.

Book swag is fun, and a great way to get your readers involved in promoting your work. Seduce your readers with teasers, bookmarks, book cards, a facebook cover, or a web banner. Get a poster designed for your next conference or convention, have postcards ready for your book signing or writer’s meeting.